About us

Just Candy is a Dutch trendy confectionary brand that doesn’t focus on product alone.  We want to make a difference in always delivering a surplus to the moment: in taste, quality, sensoric sensation, look&feel and packaging design. Just Candy has an open and unruly mentality: we think life is like a party, but you have to decorate it yourself! Everything we do is in line with our values; we cherish spontaneity (it makes life interesting); we value indulgence (it is good to treat ourselves or others sometimes); we crave for variety (never go dull); we think it is important to keep an open mind (think ‘why  not’ and look around). At the end of the day we belief in ‘living in the moment’.

"Make every moment a candy moment"

Frank Verkleij, Founder Just Candy

Contact us

Contact Info

     P.O.  Box 212
       6680AE Bemmel
       The Netherlands



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